Neuronal network oscillations: the test biomarker for CNS drugs

Brain rhythms are periodically fluctuating waves of neuronal activity. Such rhythms reflect the synchronized activity of large numbers of neurons because synchronous currents sum together to generate large-amplitude fluctuations. Different types of brain rhythms are observed in humans, primates, as well as rodents and occur in many cortical and subcortical regions. Each type of rhythm […]

NMDA-receptors functional assays for CNS diseases

Whatever your therapeutic area (cognitive disorders, schizophrenia, depression, stroke, neuropathic pain, etc.) you are targeting NMDA receptors and you need to get clean, precise and robust pharmacological profiles of your compounds. For more than 13 years Esther STEIDL and her team have developed multiple assays based on the Multi-Electrode Array technique (MEA recordings) to document […]

Ketamine July 2017 multi electrode array psychiatric

Psychiatric diseases to be understood and treated ONLY by physiological measurements.

Recent epidemiological and genetic studies have pointed out common genes overexpression and/or alteration in psychiatric disorders and for some of these diseases, alteration in brain wiring functions as measured by high-scale brain scan. The first study (published by Dan Geschwind and colleagues from UCLA) reveals that many mental illnesses, such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, […]