NMDA-receptors functional assays for CNS diseases

Whatever your therapeutic area (cognitive disorders, schizophrenia, depression, stroke, neuropathic pain, etc.) you are targeting NMDA receptors and you need to get clean, precise and robust pharmacological profiles of your compounds. For more than 13 years Esther STEIDL and her team have developed multiple assays based on the Multi-Electrode Array technique (MEA recordings) to document […]


MEA recordings for LEAD selection and optimization

Over more than 10 years of activity, NEUROSERVICE has demonstrated a unique and top-of-the-art master of the Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) technique to address pharmacological/toxicological questions regarding the Central Nervous System (CNS). MEA recordings for LEAD selection and optimization NEUROSERVICE is very proud to realease a new document illustrating the very large and potent power of […]

ketamine neuronal network oscillations

Ketamine effect on neuronal network oscillations

NEUROSERVICE has documented in vitro the (R,S)-ketamine immediate pharmacological activity on neuronal network oscillations in the theta, beta and gamma range frequencies. The very quick anti-depressant effect of (R,S)-ketamine is documented by clinicians for a couple of years. Although there are still intense discussions about the targets and mechanisms of action of (R,S)-ketamine and its […]