Neuroservices-Alliance, a global pre-clinical CRO for CNS Electrophysiology and Behavior

Global positioning on CNS Electrophysiology and behavior

Neuroservice Alliance is composed with best in class CNS electrophysiology and behavior platforms, offering a wide range of electrophysiological & behavioral assays:

  • Electrophysiological recordings in single cell-primary culture cell (1D), in rodent brain & spinal cord slices (2D), in human brain slices (2D), in whole brains (3D) and behavior CNS function analysis( 3D)
  • Supported by more than 50 cumulated years of experience in neuropharmacology!

One Stop Shop for CNS in vitro/in vivo Electrophysiology and Behavior

Neuroservice Alliance works like a “remote laboratory” with strong scientific interactions, design-to-cost & flexible study plans and short turnarounds.

Top level platforms for In vitro/in vivo CNS Electrophysiology and behavior

Neuroservice Alliance offers high level platforms for reproducible data and short turn around in CNS Electrophysiology and Behavior:

  • In vitro Electrophysiology with Patch Clamp and MEA rigs
  • In vivo Electrophysiology with LFP-deep electrode recordings combined with behavior and optogenetic
  • In vivo analysis of behavior and CNS functions on rodent models of CNS diseases