Olivier TOURY

Olivier Toury is an Electrical Engineer and MBA graduate with more than 20 years of experience in conducting industrial projects in the field of Electrical Engineering and Safety Control Command.

Multi-Entrepreneur with strong expertise in science and international business, he excels in developing international markets for scientific softwares and services as well as establishing successful international partnerships and managing international teams.

Olivier Toury first founded Powersys, a French company expert in solutions for electrifications (software and Consulting) with subsidiaries in USA, Canada, India.

He then founded with Bruno Buisson Neuroservice, a French CRO providing services to Biopharmaceuticals industry with a strong customer base in USA, Europe and Japan. In 2018, they decide to scale their business and launch Neuroservices-Alliance, a consortium of several complementary CNS CROs.

Olivier Toury
Olivier TOURY
Co-Founder, Deputy General Manager & Chief Business Officer