Ketamine July 2017 multi electrode array psychiatric

Psychiatric diseases to be understood and treated ONLY by physiological measurements.

Recent epidemiological and genetic studies have pointed out common genes overexpression and/or alteration in psychiatric disorders and for some of these diseases, alteration in brain wiring functions as measured by high-scale brain scan. The first study (published by Dan Geschwind and colleagues from UCLA) reveals that many mental illnesses, such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, […]


MEA recordings for LEAD selection and optimization

Over more than 10 years of activity, NEUROSERVICE has demonstrated a unique and top-of-the-art master of the Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) technique to address pharmacological/toxicological questions regarding the Central Nervous System (CNS). MEA recordings for LEAD selection and optimization NEUROSERVICE is very proud to realease a new document illustrating the very large and potent power of […]

ketamine neuronal network oscillations

Ketamine effect on neuronal network oscillations

NEUROSERVICE has documented in vitro the (R,S)-ketamine immediate pharmacological activity on neuronal network oscillations in the theta, beta and gamma range frequencies. The very quick anti-depressant effect of (R,S)-ketamine is documented by clinicians for a couple of years. Although there are still intense discussions about the targets and mechanisms of action of (R,S)-ketamine and its […]