3rd Annual London Conference

3rd Annual London Conference

Neuroservice will participate in the 3rd Annual Neuroscience R&D Technologies Conference in London, September 28-29

Conference Speaker

Bruno Buisson, Founder & Chief Scientist will give a presentation about Multi-Electrode array (MEA), a breakingthrough platform for functional pharmacology in CNS and Pain discovery programs:

LEAD selection and LEAD optimization on acute brain slices

  • Synaptic plasticity protocols
  • Epileptiform discharges protocols
  • Oscillations as translational biomarkers




NEUROSERVICE is a CRO providing functional pharmacological assays performed on acute brain and spinal cord slices. Our mission is to support our customers lead selection and optimization for CNS diseases & PAIN R&D programs. NEUROSERVICE has unparalleled expertise in electrophysiological-based assays performed with the Multi-electrode array (MEA) and Patch-clamp techniques.

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