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Your partner for hands-on CNS electrophysiology



Link - FoundationsThe core activity of Foundations is to accelerate the Drug Development process for research programs in the area of CNS & PAIN disorders within collaborative networks (Pharma organizations, Biotechs, CROs, Academics…).
Electrophysiological-based assays (rodent brain & spinal cord acute slices and cultured neurons) are very critical in evaluating the Neurophysiological, Neuropharmacological and Neurotoxicological effects of drugs targeted for CNS disorders.

Therefore, NEUROSERVICE wishes to become the partner for all electrophysiological issues for Foundations working on CNS & PAIN research programs:

The benefits of this global platform are:

  • Efficiency in assay management and data production
  • Efficiency in global management (animals, compounds)
  • Time and cost saving

This model of unique partnerships has been validated through a successful collaboration with the CHDI Foundation.
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