PERAMPANEL activity on Epileptiform Discharges

Most of the anti-epileptic drugs (AED) have been developed empirically and have multiple targets, multiple mechanisms of actions, and sometime multiple side effects. Now let’s look at PERAMPANEL. Evolution of anti-epileptic drugs For the past couple of years, pharmaceutical and biotech companies have been trying to develop new AED based on a single target and […]

ketamine neuronal network oscillations

Ketamine effect on neuronal network oscillations

NEUROSERVICE has documented in vitro the (R,S)-ketamine immediate pharmacological activity on neuronal network oscillations in the theta, beta and gamma range frequencies. The very quick anti-depressant effect of (R,S)-ketamine is documented by clinicians for a couple of years. Although there are still intense discussions about the targets and mechanisms of action of (R,S)-ketamine and its […]

Neuroservice new publication on pharmacological tools to study NMDA Receptors

MPX-004 and MPX-007: New Pharmacological Tools to Study the Physiology of NMDA Receptors Containing the GluN2A Subunit MNEMOSYNE has developed new compounds (MPX-004 and MPX-007) that selectively inhibit GluN2A-containing NMDA receptors which are implicated in many CNS disorders. These compound open new pharmacological strategies to address diseases such as autism, schizophrenia, childhood epilepsy and Rett […]