Neurosyn, new product from Neuroservice and Synapcell

NEUROSERVICE and SYNAPCELL are very pleased to announce the launch of a joint product, NEUROSYN. This new offer combines a unique in vitro and in vivo approach to document compound’s effects on brain oscillations. NEUROSERVICE has developed over the last 3 years in vitro Multi-Electrode Array measurements to record and to document 2D-oscillations in hippocampal […]


MEA recordings for LEAD selection and optimization

Over more than 10 years of activity, NEUROSERVICE has demonstrated a unique and top-of-the-art master of the Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) technique to address pharmacological/toxicological questions regarding the Central Nervous System (CNS). MEA recordings for LEAD selection and optimization NEUROSERVICE is very proud to realease a new document illustrating the very large and potent power of […]


3rd Annual London Conference

Neuroservice will participate in the 3rd Annual Neuroscience R&D Technologies Conference in London, September 28-29 Conference Speaker Bruno Buisson, Founder & Chief Scientist will give a presentation about Multi-Electrode array (MEA), a breakingthrough platform for functional pharmacology in CNS and Pain discovery programs: LEAD selection and LEAD optimization on acute brain slices Synaptic plasticity protocols […]