Who we are
Neuroservice is a private Contract Research Organization providing pharmacological assays based on electrophysiological recordings of acute brain slices, spinal cord slices, human brain slices and cultured neurons. These assays are performed with two complementary techniques: the Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) and the Patch-Clamp.

The mission of Neuroservice is to support the early phases of CNS and PAIN R&D programs in Lead Selection & Optimization as well as in the investigation of Mechanism of Action for experimental compounds. Neuroservice is also able to perform electrophysiological recordings of slices from genetically engineered rodents and to address CNS Safety/Toxicology issues for any given compound, thanks to our cutting-edge electrophysiological screening platform.
Our commitments
interactive and expert support
user-friendly interface with clients
robust & reproducible data
mid-troughtput production capabilities
minimized animal use
active intern R&D programs