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NEUROSERVICE regularly looks for highly-skilled persons to join its team. NEUROSERVICE provides job opportunities for Senior and Junior Electrophysiologists (from PhD to Technicians). All positions are based in Aix en Provence – les Milles, France.

Why join us ?

When you join NEUROSERVICE, you become part of a high-skilled and dynamic team sharing common values: Innovation, Expertise, Flexibility and Commitment where everyone is involved to satisfy our customers.


Electrophysiology technicians

NEUROSERVICE, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in Aix-en-Provence (France), is currently seeking two technicians to join its growing Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) laboratory. The successful candidate will perform electrophysiological experiments based on MEA recordings of rodent brain slices. Excellent manual skills, as well as precision, rigor, troubleshooting capabilities and the ability to work in team are essential qualities for that position. The contract is a long-term position based in Aix-en-Provence.

Please send your cover letter, CV and two references to Esther STEIDL  (


This position requires knowledge in neurobiology, neurophysiology and pharmacology. Experience in the electrophysiology field would be an advantage. The candidate should mandatorily hold a BTS (Advanced Technician Certificate) or IUT (University Institutes of Technology) degree or a 3 years professionalizing university degree in the field of biology. Experience in handling rodents is desirable, as well as an intermediate level in English.

Patch-Clamp Electrophysiologist

NEUROSERVICE, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in Aix-en-Provence (France), is currently seeking a motivated research associate (post-doctoral level) to join its growing patch-clamp laboratory. The successful candidate will perform patch-clamp experiments in rodent slices. The individual will be a driving force of the patch-clamp group and will contribute his/her knowledge and experience to the team. The successful candidate will assist with the development of new assays and the introduction of novel experimental techniques. This permanent position is immediately available. NEUROSERVICE offers a competitive salary that will be determined based on qualification and previous experiences.

Please send your cover letter, CV and two references to Amyaouch Bradaia (

Qualifications: This position requires detailed knowledge of patch-clamp electrophysiology. The candidate should therefore hold a BSc or MSc in biology, neuroscience, pharamacology or a related field with at least 3 years of demonstrated experience in patching or should have completed a PhD thesis using patch-clamp as principle experimental technique. A profound understanding of neurophysiology and neuropharmacology is expected. Experience handling rodents is desirable. Ideally, the candidate already has hands-on experience working with slices, assay development and compound testing. The successful candidate has the ability to quickly screen and comprehend scientific papers. The candidate will have to organize experiments and project activities to ensure that results are delivered on time, requiring a high level of autonomy. Additionally, strong troubleshooting skills, both on the technical and scientific level are essential. Being fluent in written and spoken English is crucial for this position. Speaking French would be an advantage, but is not essential. Qualified candidates must have the authorization to be employed in France.









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